• Wells's Criteria for PE
  • Warkentin's System for HIT
  • Ranson's Criteria for Pancreatitis
  • CPIS for VAP
  • CURB 65 for Pneumonia
Wells' Criteria for Assessment of Pretest Probability for Pulmonary Embolism
Suspected DVT
An alternative diagnosis is less likely than PE
Heart rate >100 beats per minute
Immobilization or surgery in the previous four weeks
Previous DVT or PE
Malignancy (on treatment, treated in the past six months or palliative)
Mean probability of PE
Interpretation of risk
Warkentin's Point System
>50% fall or platelet nadir 20-100K
30-50% fall or platelet nadir 10-19K
<30% fall or platelet nadir <10K
Timing of Platelets Drop or Other Sequelae
Onset between day 5 and day 10 or <1 day if recent exposure within 100 days
Onset aftr day 10 or not clear (missing platelet counts)
Fall too early without recent heparin exposure
Thrombosis or Other Sequelae
New thrombosis; skin necrosis, acute systemic reaction following heparin bolus
Progressive or recurrent thrombosis; erythematous skin lesions; suspected thrombosis not yet proven
Other Causes of Thrombocytopenia
None evident
Possible other casuses
Definite other causes present

HIT Probability


Ranson's Criteria for Assessment of Severity of Acute Pancreatitis
Age of patient in years >
Data on Admission
WBC count per µL
Blood glucose in mg/dL
Serum LDH in IU/L
Serum AST in U/L
Hematocrit in percent (enter from 0 to 70)
BUN in mg/dL
Worse values over initial 48 hours after admission
Hematocrit in percent (enter from 0 to 70)
BUN in mg/dL
Serum calcium in mg/dL
Arterial pO2 on room air in mm Hg
Base deficit in mEq/L
Estimated Fluid Sequestration
Total Point Score
Mortality Rate
Clinical Pulmonary Infection Score (CPIS)
Tracheal secretions
Abundant and purulent
Chest x-ray
No infiltrate
Focal infiltrate
Temp (°C)
< 36 or > 39
White blood cell count (x 1000/mm3)
< 4 or > 11
< 4 or > 11
+ band > 0.5
PA02/F102 mm Hg
> 240 or ARDS
< 240 + no ARDS

VAP Probability

CURB 65 Pneumonia Seerity Score
Confusion (new disorientation in person, time or place)
Elevation of blood Urea, or blood urea nitrogen (BUN) level above 7 mmol/L (urea) or 20 mg% (BUN)
Respiratory rate >= 30 breaths/min
Low Blood pressure, < 90 mm Hg systolic OR =<60 mm Hg diastolic
Age >= 65 years
Reseults & Recommendation
CURB-65 Score
Predicted Mortality
based on validation and derivation cohorts - from Thorax 2003-58-37
Admission Recommendation
In-Hospital Assessment

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